Port Plastics

739 Scallop Drive #2

Port Canaveral, Florida 32920 Map

(321) 784-4713

Marine Materials and Fabrication


Welcome to Port Plastics!


We sell: sheet plastics (acrylics, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, polyethylene, PVC) cut to size or in full sheets.

We fabricate, glue, drill, shape, bend, thermoform, router or polish any of the above plastics to make your custom part.

We also sell: stainless fasteners, stainless and aluminum brackets, stainless hinges, latches and various other marine-duty items.

Call, write or email mark@stainlesscity.com about your project.

Open weekdays until 6pm and Saturdays by appointment.


Fish Cleaning Table 60" x 22" 2012

Computer Podium and Storage Cabinet 2011

Model in 7508 white and 2064 grey acrylic

Fire extinguisher box with shelf

Bertram 38 Special port window fabricated 8/2006

Prout 38 catamaran dome 12/2011

3/16" Lexan display case over architectural model 6 feet x 16 feet x 1 foot high 2011 remake, original 2003

Your basic center console windshield. If yours is cracked or crazed, let us make you a new one.

This is a custom 3/8" windshield in light bronze acrylic.

"Captain" Mark